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Christmas Cheer

These recipes are a little bit naughty – but also have a lot of nice healthy ingredients. A wise woman once told me, ‘if you are craving something chocolately, choose chocolate with fruit and nuts in it – so you get some beneficial fibres, healthy fats and minerals too’. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! Download christmas-cheer recipe book Download    

Can I reach my weight loss and physical fitness goals, naturally?

Here I discuss the Naturopathic approach to getting the most out of your physical training and Meal Planning, keep reading for a couple of amazing resources. A naturopath is a complementary therapist, who should be degree qualified at the least. Many have post-grad qualifications – I’m currently completing a Grad Dip Psych because I see so many people with anxiety and depression, and my colleague… Read More »Can I reach my weight loss and physical fitness goals, naturally?

Food to help with Anxiety

I made this video to share with everyone during COVID-19 isolation. Food is the source of our nutrients and nutrients power our body systems including our neurotransmitters. There are 21 times per week that you can do something to reduce your anxiety. The foods I talk about in the video are easy to find, easy to cook and taste delicious. And I show you how.… Read More »Food to help with Anxiety