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Cooking For You
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We cater to ALL food preferences

We cater for people who want to nourish their bodies, and love healthy delicious food but just don’t have the time (or ability) to do it all themselves.
Inspired by our own need for a healthier lifestyle in a fast paced modern world, we at Cooking For You believe that more than ever we need to embrace a broadly diverse, whole foods diet and lifestyle.

Owned by a nutritionist and a chef, our mission at Cooking For You is to source fresh quality produce, design nourishing recipes and menus, and cook beautiful delicious food from scratch.

We firmly believe that food is medicine and that eating delicious whole nourishing in-season foods will lead to a healthier you

If you’ve got a family where everyone has a different need or preference, we cater for everyone so you don’t have to cook four or five different meals from scratch!

Home Cooking For You

Delicious and Deserved

We understand that everyone is different, and so are your needs and food preferences, so we have something for just about everyone whether you want gluten free, dairy free, egg free, onion free, chilli free, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, low fodmap or a combination of the above… we’ve probably got something on our menu you will love to eat.

Locally sourced, seasonal whole foods

We use locally grown, seasonal produce which is how we can keep our prices as low as possible and to ensure food is at it’s prime when we cook it and deliver to you.

We provide the most convenient way to eliminate processed food from your diet, by supplying whole foods cooked to perfection by experienced gourmet chefs who are passionate about good food.
Years of experience has taught us that nutrition is personal, just like food preferences are.

Chef Ben in Market Garden

You can create a service that suits you.

Some of the options are:

  • In home chef, i.e. meals prepared in your home once per week and stored in your freezer and fridge
  • Prepared meals delivered to your door
  • Personalised menus or we can do all the thinking and planning for you

All menus designed within your set budget.

We also work with NDIS plan managers, your GP, dietitians and nutritionists.

It’s easy to get started.
Contact Executive Chef, Ben Limmer via the form below and explain your specific needs

  1. Let us know your preference for set menu or a personalised needs menu.
  2. Optional Extra: to consult with a nutritionist prior to menu planning.
  3. Accept our invoice and pay prior to preparation Cooking and delivery
  4. Eat delicios whole food home cooked meals from now on!

Get in touch! No job to big or too small.

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