Bachelor of Health Science, Grad. Dip. Psychology

NDIS Service Provider, Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation Accredited Clinician

Let me help with your Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PMS, Fertility, Thyroid, Hormones, Menopause, Autoimmune, Allergy, Chronic Pain, Weight Loss, Gut Health and Digestion, IBS, Inflammation & Skin issues

Personalised diet plans, Lifestyle Counseling, Herbal and Nutritional Medicine

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I practice at Vibe Natural Health, Grange 4051, Queensland or telehealth or online via Zoom.

My special interests

As I practice in a busy integrative clinic – Vibe Natural Health – in Brisbane’s inner north suburb Grange, I see patients from all walks of life. Often I treat several members of the same family at the same time, I love treating children and adolescents – not only because they respond really well to natural interventions – I also just love this age group and know I am making life-long changes to their health outcomes.

Gut Ecology Health

My number one passion is digestive health, Gut ecology and the microbiome. All health starts with gut health – your ability to absorb nutrients is a determinant of your health. I have completed extensive training in this area and I get great results with scientific and clinically validated techniques to heal the gut to affect distal organs and body systems.

Anxiety and Depression

The gut-brain-axis is well researched as the connection between gut health and mental health. Nutrition and Herbal medicine is supported by scientific evidence to support anxiety, depression, dementia and Parkinsons disease.

Immune Health

Do you regularly get colds and flu? Asthma? Do you suffer with eczema, psoriasis, rashes or acne? Do you have food allergies or intolerances? 80% of our immune system is found just under the cells which line our digestive tract. Naturopathy has some amazing resources for acute and symptomatic care but it really shines in getting to the root cause.

Cardio-metabolic health

Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol can all be supported with natural medicines. Healthy Weight Loss is a simple process with an experienced naturopath. I ensure you don’t miss out on the fun stuff – but we will make lasting changes together.

Food intolerances and allergies

New diets can be daunting. If you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease or an autoimmune condition I can help make the transition delicious and healthy. Or if you would like a food allergy and intolerance test I can do that with you in the clinic.

Functional pathology testing

I appreciate that testing can be expensive, I will always do what we can with the basic principles of restoring health before resorting to testing. But sometimes finding out what your hormones, blood chemistry, organic acids, metabolic markers and gastro-intestinal testing can provide answers.

Skin Health

Acne and eczema are my passion because we can see our progress! I approach acne with hormonal, immune, inflammation, structural and detoxification assessments before creating a bespoke plan including herbal and nutritional internal and external medicine for you.

Healthy Cooking Meal Planning

Diets for detoxification, elimination diets, diets for mental health and weight loss. My expertise is the Modified Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle. I love that we can reduce inflammation via diet to make lasting changes to our health for the lifetime.

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