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Food to help with Anxiety

I made this video to share with everyone during COVID-19 isolation. Food is the source of our nutrients and nutrients power our body systems including our neurotransmitters. There are 21 times per week that you can do something to reduce your anxiety. The foods I talk about in the video are easy to find, easy […]

Recipe: My best ever granola

This recipe is anti-inflammatory, high in both soluble and insoluble fibre, high in essential fatty acids, high in minerals such as magnesium and zinc and amino acids (protein). Best of all it’s crunchy and delicious and virtually sugar-free.

Plus when you add dairy kefir and organic berries and/or kiwifruit (actually any seasonal fruit!) it is full of antioxidants, plant polyphenols and beneficial microbes to seed and feed your gut microbiome.

My story

How I changed my life with healthy choices. From my teenage years I had always suffered from acne. By 30 I was kinda like ‘ok, body…the jokes over…acne AND wrinkles?’. We all know that our skin is the red flag to what is going on within. I knew deep down that my lifestyle, stressful job […]

The secrets to a healthy lunch

But a healthy, delicious and enjoyable lunch can be done. And you will probably save money, energy and time with these simple tips. When planning your meal, it should include lean protein – try a piece of wild salmon, poached or roasted chicken breast, nuts, cheeses, legumes – whole-grain carbohydrates, and fresh produce.